1. Firenze

That third shimmering day
we laughed each other silly,
then dined on veal cheek and
lemon sorbetto. At the river
the spillway above ponte alle grazie
burned like a ribbon of phosphorus.

One goes up il duomo
between its two stone skins.
From the cupola you can see
to Fiesole. Now you are washing
dishes while I try to write poetry.
No, I tell you. I want, you say.

2. Roma

In one of the old churches
we went down to the crypt.
Your sister stopped me on
the impossible stairway there
to say to me softly,
This is where I fell in love.

Here is what I remember:
Standing you up to kiss you.
I am cold, you said.
Be cold, I told you. Outside
there was a long Roman wall
crumbling to pieces.

–The Agnes Poems

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