Rigoletto and the Ontology of Lines

Y had never been much good at waiting; he always felt like he were coming out of his skin. He needed his headphones to survive the ordeal, headphones and Levine’s Rigoletto in his ears. He’d come back to the thing a few months before, when Ruth Iniesta, Spanish soprano, had come to Firenze to sing a brilliant Gilda. Rigoletto in his headphones and sidewalk musings on the ontology of lines. Sartre in his Critique of Dialectical Reason seemed to have put a bow on the topic with his sketch of seriality, but Y had a feeling there were a great many more elements to be described, like, What it means to be fixed in place so as to be able to observe only the other’s back? Which is also to ask, What does it mean to be fixed in a place where one is also othered (by the one behind) as seen from the back? And so it went until the giant amico africano watching the door beckoned to him thus: Prego!

The Italian Novel

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